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6 Eco-friendly Apps for Easy Green Living

On April 22nd, people around the world will come together in celebration of Earth Day, a time when we remember all our planet has given us and bring awareness to conservation efforts. Earth Day inspires and motivates people to join a global movement and speaks to a larger conversation we should be having about long-term environmental support. From festivals to demonstrations, Earth Day presents plenty of opportunities to get out there and participate, but it’s also important to remember that protecting our planet doesn’t stop once April 22nd is over. Conservation is a lifestyle, and sometimes we can make the most impact by making small changes to our everyday routine. Now, if finding the time to track your carbon footprint sounds a little daunting, don’t worry! In this digital age we live in, there are a variety of highly efficient and effective apps that make sustainable living more convenient and manageable than ever. If you’re ready to make environmental conservation a way of life, check out our list of eco-friendly apps below.

1. JouleBug

JouleBug App

Saving the world isn’t all fun and games … or is it? With JouleBug, incorporating conservation into your daily life has never been more exciting and interactive. JouleBug turns everyday tasks, like taking a shower or buying a cup of coffee, into eco-friendly challenges. When you choose to bike to work, bring your own coffee mug, shop local produce or participate in other environmentally friendly activities, JouleBug rewards you with points and badges. To make conservation even more enticing, you can connect with friends and compete for the greenest lifestyle. JouleBug even offers cost-saving information, so you can see just how much money you save with each completed challenge. Creating a vast social network rooted in eco-friendly living, JouleBug is a playful and practical solution to global wellness.

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2. Clean Swell

Clean Swell App

Before you head out to your next beach cleanup, be sure to download Clean Swell. Developed by the Ocean Conservancy, Clean Swell makes picking up beach litter an engaging, educational and highly accessible experience. When you visit the beach, open Clean Swell on your smart device and hit “Start Collecting.” From there, you can build a database of items of trash collected, track distance cleaned, view the total weight of trash collected, learn ocean conservation facts and share the results of your cleanup on social media. Plus, with every Clean Swell entry, you are contributing precious research that goes toward improving the health of our oceans.

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3. True Food

True Food App

When you shop local and organic, you’re choosing to support sustainable farming methods that minimize carbon footprints and keep our planet healthy. That said, spotting the difference between wholesome and genetically modified produce isn’t always easy -- and that’s where True Food comes in! Developed by the Center for Food Safety, True Food helps everyday shoppers select the healthiest groceries by providing easy tips on identifying genetically modified products. In addition to being a great shopping companion, True Food also offers useful alerts and updates, so you can stay informed on the latest food policy news.

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4. Refresh Go Green

Refresh Go Green App

Need a little green inspiration? Refresh Go Green has created a step-by-step process for making your daily routine a little more eco-friendly. When you download the app, you get instant access to a wide array of eco-friendly ideas that span everything from saving water to conserving energy. Combining easy-to-use functionality with gorgeous aesthetics, Refresh Go Green tracks your progress by displaying how many days you’ve gone green and, depending on your schedule, allows you to adjust the number of conservation tasks you want to tackle for the day. In addition, Refresh Go Green tells you the “How” and “Why” behind every eco-friendly challenge, so you can better understand how that change impacts our environment.

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5. Oroeco

Oroeco App

Tracking your carbon footprint is easy with Oroeco, an interactive app that puts a value on food, purchased goods, transportation and at-home utilities. When you provide Oroeco with this information, the app will paint a highly accurate picture of your role in the climate change landscape. Through helpful charts and graphs, Oroeco tells you how your carbon footprint compares to your friends’ as well as your local average, illustrates the areas that are seeing the most waste and highlights easy ways to save money while minimizing your impact on the environment. By regularly inputting information into Oroeco, you will gain insight into how your everyday habits influence climate change and can learn simple tips for maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle.

Download Oroeco for iTunes

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One of the first steps in adopting a more eco-friendly routine is staying up-to-date on our planet’s environmental health, including the state of our oceans. SOpHIE, an award-winning app that uses satellite information and machine learning to compile ocean acidification data, is calling attention to one of our planet’s biggest environmental issues. Responsible for the destruction of coral reefs, fish, algae and other ocean species, ocean acidification is on the rise, and SOpHIE is working to end this epidemic by pinpointing hot spots around the world. Ocean acidification impacts so many communities, and it could even affect your local oceans, so if you’re interested in improving ocean conservation efforts in your area, download SOpHIE today (only available on Google Play Store).

Download SOpHIE for Google Play

Apps are quickly becoming a go-to resource for conservation efforts, allowing people around the world to live greener lives. These innovative, eco-friendly apps are changing the way we view environmentalism, and each contribute a unique solution to global environmental issues. At Clam & Clasp, we believe that everyone can directly impact global conservation efforts. Click here to shop the full collection and learn more about our story.



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