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How Whales Help Combat Climate Change (Even more than trees!)

Whale Stuffed Animal


I recently saw a video by The World Economic Forum describing a surprising factor that helps significantly reduce the impact of climate change: whales!

Did you know each great whale can absorb an average of 30,000kg of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere during their lifespan? Compare this to a tree, which absorbs up to 22kg per year. Whales also contribute heavily to the growth of phytoplankton, which are tiny creatures that absorb 40% of all carbon dioxide! An increase in phytoplankton populations, as little as 1%, would be the equivalent carbon capture of planting 2 billion mature trees.

Restoring whale populations could absorb up to 1.3 billion tons of CO2 every year, making whales a huge factor in combating climate change! And right now whale populations are at risk, down by 75% due to whaling and other human-based causes. 

This is why at Clam & Clasp we support organizations like Ocean Alliance, who are working through research to preserve and restore whale populations and environments. Check them out to see how you can help, including adopting a whale! 20% of proceeds from every Clam & Clasp purchase are donated to organizations like this, who are helping make our planet and oceans a better place.

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Information source: World Economic Forum

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