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Eco-Friendly Driving Tips You Can Implement Today

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Ideally we’d all drive fuel efficient vehicles, take public transit and walk or ride bikes, but since these options aren’t always possible, here are some ways you can make your driving more eco-friendly with any vehicle!

  1. Park and turn off your car as soon as you stop! Contrary to popular belief, idling for just 10 seconds wastes more gas than restarting the engine. 
  2. Remove heavy items from your car and keep your tires inflated to increase gas mileage.
  3. Keep up with vehicle maintenance and check ups. 
  4. Avoid being a lead foot! Don’t accelerate or brake quickly and use cruise control whenever possible. 
  5. Use your air conditioner only when necessary and drive with the windows down only at speeds under 40 mph to improve mileage. 
  6. Don’t top off when getting gas, stop when the nozzle turns off.
  7. Consolidate your errands into fewer trips to limit miles driven and increase efficiency. 

Lastly, I know that walking and biking aren’t always possible, but I think they are great options that could be utilized way more than many of us do! Plus, it allows you to get some fresh air and exercise, and see your city from a new perspective! If you’ve been avoiding walking or biking to an errand due to laziness or impatience, let’s make it a goal to try it at least once this week! It may be rewarding in more ways than one. 

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