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Pink, Blue Transform Bracelet
Sizes and Colors Transform Bracelet
Blue Transform Bracelet
Pink, Blue, Orange Transform Bracelet
Blue Transform Bracelet
Transform Bracelet Case

Transform Bracelet

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The Transform necklace is handcrafted with sustainably collected, 14K gold-plated seashells 

Please choose the number of the shell you'd like from the drop down, referencing the labeled product images. If you'd like to request a specific color/ size that is not currently available, please email us: info@clamandclasp.com!

20% of proceeds are donated to ocean conservation! Learn more about our awesome non-profit partners here.


Did you know plastic poisons our food chain? Even plankton, the tiniest creatures in our oceans, are eating micro-plastics and absorbing their toxins. Learn more on our blog!

Please respect and protect the ocean and never take shells containing live creatures!

  • 14K Gold-Plated Coquina Seashells
  • Pendant Size: 0.25”- 1”
  • 14K Gold-Plated Chain
  • Chain Length: Sliding bead allows bracelet to easily be adjusted to any length up to 9"-10" (Depending on shell size)

Click here for product care instructions.

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