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Speak for the Sea

Blue and gray stuffed animal whale

How Whales Help Combat Climate Change (Even more than trees!)

Did you know each great whale can absorb an average of 30,000kg of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere during their lifespan? Learn how these adorable and unlikely creatures are helping combat climate change and how you can too!
Mom and baby dolphin

How the Ocean Celebrates Mother’s Day: 5 Amazing Marine Animal Moms

Moms are pretty amazing. They support us, protect us and teach us a few life lessons or two along the way. But, did you know that some of the best moms on the planet live in our oceans? See why these 5 amazing marine animal moms definitely deserve a day dedicated to them. 

Saving Whales with Snot

Saving Whales with Snot

As the largest animals on the planet, whales are a vital part of ocean ecosystems. Read about some of the dangers facing whales, and how Ocean Alliance is making strides to save them.