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Speak for the Sea

Mom and baby dolphin

How the Ocean Celebrates Mother’s Day: 5 Amazing Marine Animal Moms

Moms are pretty amazing. They support us, protect us and teach us a few life lessons or two along the way. But, did you know that some of the best moms on the planet live in our oceans? See why these 5 amazing marine animal moms definitely deserve a day dedicated to them. 

6 Eco-friendly Apps for Easy Green Living

6 Eco-friendly Apps for Easy Green Living

In this digital age we live in, there are a variety of apps that make sustainable living more convenient than ever. If you’re ready to make environmental conservation a way of life, check out our list of eco-friendly lifestyle apps!
5 Festival Outfit Ideas for Your Coachella Wardrobe

5 Festival Outfit Ideas for Your Coachella Wardrobe

Festival season is officially here! Whether you’re Coachella-bound or planning for something more low-key, there’s a festival outfit for every occasion. From easy-going bohemian looks to everyday glam, check out our 2018 festival style guide for some outfit inspo!
San Diego Coast

Stay Clean, San Diego

San Diego - the city of sun, surf, and a nearly constant 70 degree weather forecast. This seemingly perfect city has some major water pollution issues that San Diego Coastkeeper is tackling. 
Saving Whales with Snot

Saving Whales with Snot

As the largest animals on the planet, whales are a vital part of ocean ecosystems. Read about some of the dangers facing whales, and how Ocean Alliance is making strides to save them. 

Plastic pollution floating in the ocean

4 Easy Ways To Reduce Plastic Ocean Pollution

Plastic pollution has already started to take its toll on the ocean. Learn about four easy ways you can help reduce your personal plastic footprint using Plastic Pollution Coalition's '4Rs Pledge'!